Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rock Around the Clock

I have been teaching time, and I love all the hands on things to do with the kids! Thanks to Rachelle and her blog "What the Teacher Wants" we made cute floor clocks. I took the large numbers from part of her unit and added Hula Hoops. The students will sit forever and make times back and forth with each other. Just say we are using Hula Hoops and they are in!

I love to use music in my classroom. There is a great song by Jack Hartmann called "Hip Hop Around the Clock" (you can find it on youtube). The song is interactive, and I have the students make the different times on their clocks during the song.

Also, thanks to an idea from a teaching friend... My class plays "Catch the Clock."  All you do is write a list of times on the board. When a student notices one of the specific times throughout they day they get a special prize for catching the clock!  So smart... I just wonder why I didn't think of it before. :)

I hope a few of these ideas help make teaching time fun in your classrooms. I know we have had a lot of fun this week! We are even going on to "Second Grade" clock skills because they are catching on to the first grade standards so quickly! Have a great night. So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!


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