Monday, January 21, 2013

100th Day SMARTBoard Activities

  I wanted to post this separate from my other 100th day plans so anyone searching for 100th Day Smartboard activities would be able to find the post easier.  But for those of you still searching for a fun activity to do in your own classroom with your kids or need something quick and easy to do as a 100th Day rotation, these interactive SMARTBoard activities are TONS of fun and are educational too!!  Hope they help you!!

         "Give the Dog a Bone" is a fun and interactive game that has kids use their understanding of the numbers and patterns on the Number Grid to find the given number. 
              "Splat Square" is an interactive number grid that "splats" different color paint on each
number whenever you click on it.  This can be used to practice counting to 100 by 
10's, 5's, 2's, etc. or for a "number hunt" type game.

                     "Ghost Blasters" is a game where you have to "blast" the ghosts that have multiples of ten.  It times you to see how long it takes you to get to 100.  This could be played in teams with your class (can we say BOYS vs GIRLS?!) to see who can get to 100 in the least amount of time!


Love, Beth

100th Day of School Fun in 1st Grade!

      So...after the holidays, usually the 100th Day of School always sneaks up on me!!  But this year I made it a point to make sure that I planned ahead and got all my ideas together so I wouldn't be so stressed!  Our 100th Day is coming up on February 1st, so not too much longer!  I've been working on a 100th Day little work booklet for my firsties with some ELA & Math activities that they can work on througout the day and in between our rotations.  If you are interested, you can download the booklet from my TPT store by clicking the picture below.

      I've also been finding some super cute ideas on Pinterest and on other blogs, so I thought I'd share some of the best ideas I've seen.... thanks to all of these ladies for being so creative and giving me such great ideas!!

          I did these 100 Year Old Portraits with my kids last year and they loved them!!  This is a picture of a few of my kids' portraits from last year.  I got this idea from Deanna Jump's blog, Mrs. Jump's Class.  So cute!  I can't wait to do them again this year!

    I've seen this activity several differnet places, but how fun is this activity from Joyful Learning in KC!?  100 Red Solo Cups turns into a good half hour of tower building fun.  Red solo cup...I'll fill you up.... (with fun of course...wink wink)... let's have a party!! Let's have a party!!

     I LOVE these hats!!!  These hats are from First Grade is a Treat.  I can't wait to do these! My kids are going to love the sticker fun!!!

    We have 6 teachers on my 1st grade team, and every year we do a rotation of different activities in each class.  So far my team's plan for our 100th day rotations are as follows:

                1) 100th Day Necklaces (stringing cereal onto curling ribbon)
                2) Building with 100 Legos
                3) 100th Day Gumball Machines (with paint dots)
                4) Doing exercises in sets of 100
                5) 100th Day Smartboard Activities
                6) 100th Day Pictures

     I will follow up with pictures later!!!!   Happy 100th day for all of you who have already celebrated!
         - Beth

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long Vowel Word Work - Common Core

  I'm so excited about my new Long Vowel Word Work Activitites Pack!!  By the time I had finished making the Short Vowel Word Work Pack, I was almost done teaching Short Vowels.....:( Boo!  But we just started Long A (a_e ) last week, so I've been using the activities from my Long Vowel pack with my kids and they are really loving them...and I LOVE not having to spend hours prepping centers and activities that involve so much time cutting and laminating! :)  This pack also lists the Common Core ELA standards that it covers.  Click the picture to download from my TPT store!  I hope your kiddos love these activites as much as mine do... 


   Blessings!!   - Beth

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Common Core True & False Equations Freebie

     Is it bad that I'm getting Spring Fever already?!  It is January 12th and it's going to be 75 degrees today in good ole SC.  I mean, I know we're in the South and all....but we're usually looking at 40's and 50's in January, not 70's!  I'm kind of loving it..but it's making me want a break so I can enjoy it! :)  
     Anyway, this week I spent a lot of time with my kiddos on these True & False equations, which is one of the new 1st Grade Common Core standards.  The kids have to be able to look at an equation, determine whether it is true or false, and justify their answer, which is kind of an abstract task for 6 and 7 year olds.  While some of my kids got this with no problem at all, some were really struggling to "get it."  I tried to explain the equals sign like the middle of a balance scale, with the numbers on each side having to be the same in order for the scale to balance.  This seemed to help them to understand that an equation is true when the number on each side is the same, and it is false when the numbers on each side are not the same.  I also had some kids trying to say whether an equation was True or False without solving the problem first, so it was quite the effort to get them to understand that you have to solve the problem on either side FIRST before you can determine whether the equation is True or False. The diagram above kind of portrays my explanation! :)  I also made these activities to help my kids practice True and False equations.  They are FREE!  Just click the link the picture to download!  Have a great weekend friends!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Short Vowel Word Work Activities Pack (aka NO Fuss stations!)

Dear Blog Readers & Followers,
    I want to express my sincerest apologies for being MIA.  I am embarrassed to say that the last post I wrote was almost 3 months ago!!  Whoops....  The only excuse I have is....well....LIFE.  School, family, friends, Pampered Chef, being sick with flu, strep, and sinus infections....the list goes on....  But my New Year's Resolution is to get back on track with the blog and start making more resources for my classroom to share with all of our wonderful readers and followers!!  So, my latest project is actually something that I started working on at the beginning of the year, but I'm just now finishing it! :) Talk about procrastination...  

    One of my pet peeves is literacy station materials that have to be cut, laminated, and then re-cut, etc.  Some of these stations are great and are wonderful to use from time to time (I have made some myself..), but honestly, who has time to do that for every literacy station or word work station you make for every week??!  Not I....  So, for my kids' Daily 5 Word Work stations, I have been making these interactive Word Work activities that are interactive (meaning the kids have to DO something...roll a dice, walk around the room and hunt for words, etc...) but they require NO prep time whatsoever.  All you need is a dice, or a pair of scissors...or something else you already most likely have in your classroom!  So I hope you enjoy these activities and find them useful.  I know I do!  Click the pictures to download from my TPT store!

     Happy New Year!!   Love, Beth