Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Write the Room Activity - Bossy R

  There is just something about Easter eggs that just make me happy!! Maybe it's because they are colorful and decorated, or maybe it's because when  I see them I think of Spring Break!!  Yep...I'm pretty sure it's the latter.....
  This year I'm a little extra excited because my hubby and I are going on a trip to the Grand Canyon!! Whoohooo!!!  I can't wait!  I just got a new camera so I can capture all of our wonderful memories.  But...we are still not done with school, so I decided to make some fun Easter themed activities to help my kiddos review the Bossy R words.  I LOVE teaching Bossy R!  I think it's because The Electric Company has an awesome video that my kids are mildly obsessed with that just helps them remember the sounds and spellings so well! If you haven't checked it out, you need to!  Here's my Bossy R Write the Room activity.  Just click on it to download from my TPT store!
  My kids did it today and loved it!!!   The first 3 commenters who tell me what they are doing for Spring Break get it for FREE!! Just send me your email.  Happy Easter!!   - Beth

  The Electric Company - Bossy R Video