Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday FREEBIE of your choice!

    I LOVE Birthdays! Today is my 26th Birthday, and well, now I REALLY round up to 30! I'm getting so OLD....Haha. It's been a great day so far though...  I went shopping and bought a fabulous birthday sundress, got my nails done (it's been over a year...), hung out with my hubby this afternoon, and am looking forward to a nice dinner with my family this evening.   And to top it off I only have 10 more days left of school!! Summer, here I come! To celebrate my birthday and the end of the school year, I am going to give away any 1 item from my TPT store (click on the picture) to the first 5 people who:  1) Become a follower of Simply Sweet Teaching  2) Comment on this post   3) Tell me which item from my TPT you want for FREE! Have a wonderful day blog friends!
             Love, Beth

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Craft

     I was planning with my first grade team this week and we realized that Mother's Day was only a week or so away!!  So we went right into a brainstorming session of some cute and crafty Mother's Day gifts we could give our kid's parents.  Of course, in normal teacher fashion, we went straight to Pintrest and found this ADORABLE idea from Trendy Treehouse for a bouquet of flowers made out of hand prints!  We loved it!  I tweaked the idea a little by putting a black paper frame around the edge and using real ribbon instead of a painted ribbon.  I also wrote Happy Mother's Day 2012 so all my kid's mammas who save all their artwork from Pre-K to 12th grade would know what year they made it. :)  Just thought I'd share.  Happy Mother's Day to all our blog followers who are mammas!!  I hope one day I can share the joy of being a mother as well.  Many blessings to you!   - Beth

Teaching, Tennis, and TEN more days!

 So it's been a busy few weeks! For those of you didn't know, I am the assistant tennis coach at the local high school. What a difference it is going from first graders to high schoolers! :)  We have an AMAZING group of girls this year, and last night they made it to the FINAL FOUR OF STATE!!!! Way to go girls!!! We will be going to the final state tournament next weekend. Until then, I will be working on portfolios, end of the year awards and gifts, field day training (I am a little competitive!), water day, a class play, and getting stuff ready for an awesome end of the year cookout. I will be sure to take pictures and share a few end of the year ideas with all of you WONDERFUL blog followers as soon as possible. Only TEN days left for me!! Enjoy the last few weeks with your kiddos... Makes me tear up just thinking about sending my little ones 2nd grade. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parts of Plants We Eat FREEBIE :)

So......holy moly...every year I completely underestimate how stressful the end of the school year is! Wow. And add in my new side job as a Pampered Chef consultant (yay!!) and a bunch of other random "life" things, I have been SWAMPED.  My poor husband hasn't had a home cooked meal or washed clothes all week....sorry baby!! So I'm sorry I've been MIA. I've also been working on some huge units that I can't wait to share with you.  They are works in progres and are not quite ready yet, but I can't wait for them to make their blog debut!!  However, I have been super excited about our plants unit in science. My kiddos have been working so hard, and they were so ecstatic to see that their plants had sprouted over the weekend. I LOVE seeing them excited about those little things...  We also had a blast at the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens on our field trip today.  All the beautiful plants and flowers were amazing!! We saw flowering plants, etible plants, leafy plants, plants with thorns and spikes, and much more!   In honor of my favorite science unit ever, here is a little freebie that helps review all of the plant parts we eat.  I know it's not much, but hopefully I will get out my full plant unit soon for you with LOTS of fun and useful plant resources!  Have a wonderful week blog friends!!