Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Craft

     I was planning with my first grade team this week and we realized that Mother's Day was only a week or so away!!  So we went right into a brainstorming session of some cute and crafty Mother's Day gifts we could give our kid's parents.  Of course, in normal teacher fashion, we went straight to Pintrest and found this ADORABLE idea from Trendy Treehouse for a bouquet of flowers made out of hand prints!  We loved it!  I tweaked the idea a little by putting a black paper frame around the edge and using real ribbon instead of a painted ribbon.  I also wrote Happy Mother's Day 2012 so all my kid's mammas who save all their artwork from Pre-K to 12th grade would know what year they made it. :)  Just thought I'd share.  Happy Mother's Day to all our blog followers who are mammas!!  I hope one day I can share the joy of being a mother as well.  Many blessings to you!   - Beth


Sheree Peterson said...

I've been searching the web today trying to find a cute Mother's Day idea and here it is! Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Simply Sweet Teaching said...

Thanks Sheree!! Glad it could help you! Oh, and one little tip I forgot to put in the post. To make the black border frame, if you just fold the black paper in half and cut out the middle part, it makes it so much easier. Another teacher told me that right before I was about to take an Exacto knife and hand cut all of them out... whew! :)

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