Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teaching, Tennis, and TEN more days!

 So it's been a busy few weeks! For those of you didn't know, I am the assistant tennis coach at the local high school. What a difference it is going from first graders to high schoolers! :)  We have an AMAZING group of girls this year, and last night they made it to the FINAL FOUR OF STATE!!!! Way to go girls!!! We will be going to the final state tournament next weekend. Until then, I will be working on portfolios, end of the year awards and gifts, field day training (I am a little competitive!), water day, a class play, and getting stuff ready for an awesome end of the year cookout. I will be sure to take pictures and share a few end of the year ideas with all of you WONDERFUL blog followers as soon as possible. Only TEN days left for me!! Enjoy the last few weeks with your kiddos... Makes me tear up just thinking about sending my little ones 2nd grade. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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