Monday, July 8, 2013

Fairy Tale vs. Fractured Fairy Tale Unit & FREEBIE

Once Upon a Time....
     Whew!!  My how this summer is flying by...and my how long it has been since I posted anything to this blog!  Sorry, friends... :)  Anyway, I have been working on this fairy tale unit FOREVER (meaning I started this TWO SCHOOL YEARS in 2011-2012), and I am just now finishing it up.  Sad, I know..  But all I can say is, perfection takes time.  I kind of like to start something, then teach the unit, then see what worked and what didn't...and then make changes as necessary.  It's a process... :)  But alas, it is done and I'm finally sharing it with you!!  This sounds weird, but I love this unit because it is NOT interdisciplinary!  So many fairy tale units I've seen have math activities where the kids measure beanstalks, or random science experiments, and they try to integrate other subject areas..which is fine.  But our math curriculum is really strict and we can't just not teach the curriculum and do "fairy tale" themed math activities instead.  So I like units that just focus on one subject at a time.  My fairy tale unit is an ELA fairy tale unit, meaning it has multiple reading response activities and writing activities, but NO math, social studies, or science. You're welcome. :)  Click the picture above to go to my TPT store.  Click the picture on the below for a Fairy Tale Story Map FREEBIE!!
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Miss L said...

What a cute product! I have a girlfriend who just accepted a job in Grade 1 so I am definitely sending her this way because I think she'll love this :)

I am actually also hosting a giveaway on my blog right now to celebrate reaching 300 Followers, I would love for you to head over and check it out :)

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