Sunday, June 9, 2013

Common Core Assessments

Common Core Assessments are back!! I had posted some assessments a few months ago on the blog, but I have decided to go back and create them by standard instead of unit. The summative assessments were long, and I needed more formative assessments to help guide my instruction throughout each unit. This has been more beneficial for me to determine what my students know throughout the unit, and I can see exactly where each child may need help :) I decided to share my first unit for FREE with all of you! Let me know what you think... I would love your feedback as I am working on the other units this summer. 

Oh...It's been raining ALL week here in Georgia. Feel free to send some sunshine down this way if any of you have some nice summer weather! Happy RAINY Sunday :)


Mrs. C said...

I loved this! I find it hard to find formative assessments in cc math. We use Everyday Math and it's certainly no where what I'm getting here! I am hoping that you will be posting the additional Common Core Math assessments soon!

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