Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's a Proper Noun Dah'ling....

I will never forget coming to observe one of my teacher friends, Miss Pressly, at a school where I had just been hired about two years ago.  I was sitting to the side of the room and Miss Pressly was teaching on proper nouns.  She mentioned a word and asked her class what kind of word it was.  Immediately, the entire class put out their hands in a "oh honey, let me tell you what I heard about so-and-so" fashion and said, "Why, it's a proper noun, dahling!" in their most "proper" voice possible (with a little hint of Southern Drawl, of course).  I about died.... It was hilarious!  I was super impressed... not only because it was creative, but because ALL the kids knew what a proper noun was. Too funny!  Miss Pressly had taught the kids that proper nouns were "proper" words, so they always needed a capital letter.  I still use that trick to this day, actually, but I just made this proper noun game this week to further aid in my little ones' understanding of proper nouns. 

PS:  The first 5 people to comment on this post will receive this game for free!!  Rules:  Give one tip for a teaching resource you would like to see us make, and of course give us your email.:) 
     - Beth


Turner said...

Don't think I will be able to use the free game since I am not in a classroom, so you can give it to someone else. I remember seeing Ms. P's kids do that and was extremely impressed as well. Something I remember from teaching the first grade is having difficulty teaching complete sentences. You know, where to put punctuation...we would do interactive writing all of the time and that helped, but it was hard to get some of those littles to put periods where they needed to be! Keep it up, the blog looks great!!

vicky1970 said...

Hi there,
I just gave you a blog award. Come on by to pick it up. :o)
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Ms. Lindsey said...

So cute! I teach 1st and the grammar part can be quite boring at times. I love these games and "tricks" that help the kiddos learn the concept but more importantly make it fun. :) Keep up the great work!

BFF K said...

That is such an adorable idea. I just transferred to 1 st and came across your adorable blog. I would love to see a resource for to help my little writers.

sroof said...

I love this game!! It would be perfect for my first graders!

Heavenly Grace said...
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alikhalid said...

It's an amazing way to teach students the proper nouns.

alikhalid said...

I would like an activity for labels, lists and captions please.

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