Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Heart 1st Grade...Happy Valentine's Day!!

    I was on Pintrest last week looking for some cute ideas for a Valentine's themed writing activity as well as rummaging up all of the previous year's Valentine writing ..... and I just didn't like anything. I wanted to do something different! I usually have the kids write about someone in their family whom they love and care about or write Valentine's Day cards and teach letter writing.  But I was randomly looking through pictures from past vacations and saw a picture from high school (holy moly....THAT was a while back!) of me in NYC and I was wearing an I Heart New York t-shirt.  Then it came to me!!   I HEART first grade!  So that's what we made this week...stories about all the things we "heart" about 1st grade.  These were super easy to do and look SUPER CUTE!  I just matted the stories on red construction paper, printed out copies of the text "I" and "First Grade" (Font: Curlz), and di-cut the pink hearts.  I matted the "I", the heart, and "First Grade" on another sheet of red construction paper, and then cut around the edges, leaving a little tab at the bottom to glue the story to.  Love them!!


Mrs. Poland said...

That is the best idea ever! I am going to do that with my class next year!

Mrs Poland
Think, Wonder, & Teach

Simply Sweet Teaching said...

Thanks Mrs. Poland! I thought they turned out very cute too :) Thanks for for following us. As you see, we have made some changes to our design and are revamping things, so hang with us!!

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