Saturday, February 4, 2012

Compound Word Addition

Cup is a word....cake is a word....put it together, got a compound word!  Cupcake! (clap clap) Cupcake! (clap clap) Cupcake! (clap clap) Haha!  That is my cheesy compound word song...but for some reason my kiddos always love it!  Although I have touched on compound words from time to time in shared reading, they are a 3rd nine weeks standard in our school district, so I haven't taught them explicitly yet. I wanted a fun new game to put in my Word Work center for Daily 5 that practiced compound words, so I came up with "Compound Word Addition."  I wanted to harp on the concept that, although a compound word can be made up of up two separate words, sometimes the meaning of the compound word itself  can be completely unrelated to the two words that make it up.  Click the picture to download Compound Word Addition.  DOWN is a word.... LOAD is word....put it together, got a compound word! Download!  (clap clap) Download! (clap clap) Download! (clap clap)  Haha...sorry I had to do it!       - Beth


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