Saturday, March 31, 2012


    So, this is pretty much the most exciting teacher news ever!!! Katie won TEACHER OF THE YEAR at her school on Friday!  Yaaaaaaayyy!!  And, to top it off, this is ONLY her 4th year teaching ,AND she is at a brand new school, so that just means she is pretty much awesome!  Katie had told me the other day that her name had made it to the Top 3 on the TOY ballot, and she was really surprised, because she just knew that she wasn't going to win, according to her.....  (She never gives herself credit for being awesome.) :)  But when I got the email from her at school on Friday saying she had won, I couldn't believe it!  I was soooo excited!  So I decided to leave school as soon as I can (2:45) and book it down I-20 to Augusta to surprise her before she left school (she can't leave until 4:00).  I literally made it to her school with maybe 2 minutes to spare, because she was walking down the hallway on her way out when I got there.  I knew it was her because of all the balloons!!!  She was super surprised!  So we went out to dinner to celebrate with one of her teacher friends from school, and then I had to jet back to SC.  It was a short surprise visit, but a lot of fun. CONGRATULATIONS Katie!!  So grateful to be blogging with such a great teacher!!!      - Beth


Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Yay Katie! That is fabulous news! I hope you have had a great time celebrating!

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