Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bahama Mamma gets back to teaching...

     My wonderful husband and I just got back from an amazing cruise to the Bahamas yesterday with friends, and I just had to share some of our great pictures!  This was our first cruise, and we had the best time!  We did the 5-day cruise out of Charleston on the Carnival Fantasy, which was SOOOO much better than driving all the way down to Florida to cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale.  We loved exploring the ship, chilling at the pool with a nice cold drink, and doing fun excursions at the ports at Nassau and Freeport.  We went snorkeling in Nassau which was INCREDIBLE!  I would totally recommend snorkeling to anyone who hasn't done it before. The beautiful coral reef and tropical fish were so cool!!  I seriously pondered getting some plastic fish and my snorkel and going snorkeling in the bathtub today...haha jk.  We also had a fun little tour of Nassau by a local which was awesome!  My husband is a firefighter and took a fire academy class with some guys from the Bahamas here in the states last year, and they always said to come visit them one day.  So when we found out we were going on a cruise there, we Facebooked them and told them where we were going to be and they met us at the port!  Ty and Tito were the two guys who showed us around.  They took us to the beach and around the whole island.  It was great!!  But now the hubby and I are unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning, etc....all the post-vacation chores.  So now I guess it's back to thinking about school stuff!!  Less than 1 month before I get to meet my new 1st grade crazy is that?!?


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