Saturday, February 2, 2013

The 100th Day of School... is OVER :(

        All the hype over the 100th Day of School, and now it's over..I'm sad!  It was crazy...and loud... and a little stressful...but boy did we have fun!  We started our the day with our 100th Day hat making.  They turned out great!  Then we started our morning meeting and our100th Day item collection guessing activity.  Each child brought in 100 items in a Ziploc baggie (which is then put inside a paper bag to keep it secret). The kids wrote 3 clues about their items and read them to the class  and we all took turns guessing the mystery items!   From there, we starting working on our 100 Days of Fun in 1st Grade Pack (pictured on the table beside the hats), and then it was time for our grade level rotations!!  I did Froot Loop necklaces.  Every year I say I won't do it again next year because it's so darn messy!  There's always crushed Froot Loops all over the poor custodians.  But it's just so fun I convince myself to do it again every year!!   This year I brought my custodian some cookies in the morning so she wouldn't be mad at the end of the day when she had to clean up Froot Loop dust! :)  After that we did our 100 cup stacking race. I bought 5 sets of those little white bathroom cups at Wal-mart for like $1.80, I split the kids up into groups, and we had a race to see who coulds stack them the fastest!  We also had a 100th day snack with lots of yummy goodies!!  We ended the day with my favorite...portraits of ourselves when we are 100 years old.  They turned out especially cute this year.  I just LOVE them!!  80 more days to go til summer!! :)

I had measured the kids heads in advance, so I was able to have the hats sitting on the kids tables when they came in Friday morning.  So all they had to do was add their 100 stickers. That saved us a TON of time!!!

They LOVED putting 100 stickers all over their hats...and I LOVED cleaning out my sticker drawer of stickers I will never use.... :)  That was a "Think Win-Win" situation for those of you who teach The 7 Habits! haha. 

The kids went around in a rotation and got 10 of each item to make a snack of 100 items!!  We used CHEX, CHOCOLATE CHIPS, MARSHMALLOWS, CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH, CHEEZ-ITS, M&M's, CRAISINS, PEANUTS, GOLDFISH, & POPCORN.


I had seen some other people use SOLO cups for cup stacking, but my kids are so little they wouldn't be able to reach the top of the tower!  I thought the little white cups would be better, and they were!!  They had a blast!

We did it!!!

I just LOVE this display!!  They turned out so cute!  As I was putting this up and thinking of a title for the display, I thought it would be cool to figure out in what year my kids would be 100.  So I did the math... and then after I did it, I wish I hadn't!  My 6 year olds will be 100 in the year 2106!!  Geez...... not not cool.


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