Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Board Erasers

As I was out and about, I found these cute car wash sponges on sale at the drug store. I thought they would make really fun white board erasers. I bought three colors to match my classroom for just $2.50 a piece. After I purchased them, I realized I needed new student erasers. Each year I purchase cheap sponges from the grocery store or dollar store, and I cut them in half. The students keep these with their dry erase boards, and they work great! I usually replace them once during the year because they start to look dirty. I hope these inexpensive and cute ideas are helpful as you prepare for next school year :) 

I also had to share... I just got back from a girls trip to Florida with my sister and mom. Although we got caught in tropical storm Debbie, we had a WONDERFUL time. I hope all of you other teachers are taking time to relax with your families over the summer! Check out the beautiful view from our room :) 


elizabeth.parce said...

If you live near a Dollar Tree store they actually have large mitt shaped car wash sponges for only $1.00 (of course...)I used them all this past year and just take them home and wash them in the washer on the weekend. They are wonderful!

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