Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Carolina Bloggy Meet Up in My HomeTown??! What?!

  Calling all Blogger GRITS (aka Girls Raised in the South)!!  This is the best news since McDonald's made Large Sweet Teas $1...we're having a blogger meet-up in my good ole hometown of Columbia, SC!!!  I have to say, when I read this post on 2nd Grade Shenanigans I almost peed my really.....I'm not kidding.  Katie and I always read these posts about all of these big time bloggers (and when I say "big time" I mean the ones with like 3,000 followers) meeting up in Vegas or New Jersey, etc.  And I always feel so left out.. :(  We kept saying, "Geez!! Why are there no bloggy meet-ups around here in the South??"  But alas...there is!  I'm smiling inside right now as I write this.  Anyway, if you're a blogger from SC, NC, GA, etc. come out to (unknown location TBA) and meet up with us on Saturday, September 15th in Columbia.  More details to come from 2nd Grade Shenanigans!  Yay!
   - Beth (Very Excited SC Blogger!!)


Jessica said...

i am number 103!!
thanks for stopping by and joining my giveaway!

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